Links and References

This is an ever growing collection of knowledge, lessons and ideologies that we use throughout the season.


Oregon Training Philosophy

Former University of Oregon Head Coach explains their training philosophy

Flow Training

A mixed martial arts trainer explains the value of volume and consistency over intensity

Strength/Weight Training

How muscles grow

TedED video showing how muscles work and how to increase performance

Off season training for runners

2x Olympian, Nick Symmonds, goes over his off season weight training

How to Squat

Local gym owner bluntly explains how to squat correctly

The value of weight training

This article from 2004 goes over Allyson Felix's high school weight training. She would go on to become a 5x olympian.



Nick Symmonds explains periodization...with a stick


2014 Fifth Avenue Mile

Oregon Alumni, Jordan McNamara, wins the 2014 Fifth Avenue Mile

2014 Fifth Avenue Mile (Interview)

Post Race Interview explaining his tactics and thoughts during the race

Race Control

Another Oregon Alumni, Matt Centrowitz, wins the 1500m race in the Rio Olympics by getting in front and dictating the pace