Summer Running Plan

I encourage you all to find a buddy or group that you can hopefully train with a few times a week. Set a mileage goal and determine where and when you can meet up and run. If you aren't allowed to meet up in small groups, try to hold each other accountable and run on your own. Give your future self the gift of being prepared.


-The main idea of this training phase is to "Get in Shape to Get in Shape"
-Focus on Aerobic Fitness and strength
-All runs will be Easy Distance
-Increase mileage slowly (ideally 10-15% per week) as to avoid injury
-Try to stretch or warm-up a little bit
-Start your run before 10:30. It's usually 85 plus degrees by 11am.
-Bring water
-Mix up the routes if possible

This is really your first real taste of what running will probably be like when you are no longer on a cross country team anymore. This is a big reason why I like to over-explain things to you guys. You guys should have more than enough knowledge and wisdom to train on your own. Self-Motivation is hard. Try to set a goal or a reason WHY you WANT to get runs in. Do your best to hold yourself accountable and check in with others. Think of this training as investing in yourself.