Pre-Season conditioning will last three weeks. During those three weeks we will have practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The layout of our practices will be as listed below,

Dynamic Warmup
4 x Speedmakers
Weight Room

Rather than spending the bulk of the beginning of practice going over what each group is doing each and every day, I thought it would be easier to publish the workouts here and just go over the highlights and expectations at practice. A few quick reminders,

1) It's a long season and every day has a purpose
2) Quality>Quantity. This goes for repetition as well as heavy weights
3) Every workout has an objective. Try to realize what that objective is and focus your workout on that.

Each day of the week we will have a different focus in the weight room. Mondays will have a Strength Focus, consisting of High Weight and Low Reps. Wednesdays will focus on Power with workouts focusing on speed and function. Fridays will be Hypertrophy day and workouts will have higher volume and lower weight.